On the surface, and according to mainstream scholarship (the little that exists) on 20th century musical films in Spain, folkloricas were nothing but fascist propaganda, based on and endlessly propagating a range of cliched narratives, performances, and myths about Spanishness, femininity, honor, drama, and comedy. No beef with this reading—on the surface, they do appear… Read More

This collection of essays centers around the question of “how a body ‘knows’,” from many perspectives coming from many disciplines, fusing traditional with experimentally interdisciplinary forms of scholarship. They chose dance as the locus of inquiry, explaining that it is to those for whom dance is central to questions of cultural discourse—”dancers, choreographers, pedagogues, critics,… Read More

Foucault’s Archive For F, all utterances happen within a system of what can and cannot be said: the archive is what differentially organizes these utterances within a constituting system, which, at the same time, is constituted by the utterances as they get categorized—archived—as unique events or statements (rather than… rather than not?). The archive doesn’t… Read More