Fuchs, Barbara ~ Virtual Spaniards Barbara Fuchs remains to me one of the clearest voices articulating the inexorable Moorishness of the Spanish past and present. This kind of cultural entanglement is of course largely due to the history of Iberian Islam: the Mediterranean “chronotope” from which Spain inherits its cultural and historical background, “whose horizons… Read More

I keep coming back to Barthes’ assertion that what power imposes in the first place is a rhythm (of life, thought, discourse, time). In this book, Zadie Smith explores this idea but gives it a spin: Black people had a place and a rhythm—the TA slave trade robbed black people of them. And of course… Read More

An important argument is that the aesthetic world of the Andalusi tradition “suffuses and conjoins the past and the present,” and that this becomes especially acute through an exploration of the sensorial aspects of this tradition. This means: music, affect, and the “fondo sonoro”   Andalucismo as a challenge to European ontology Andalucistas are concerned… Read More

Introduction The demographic and socioeconomic makeup of large industrial(izing) centers in Europe were rapidly changing during late 19th, early 20th C. Population growth and rural-to-urban migration led to rising levels of crime, poverty, and epidemics. In Madrid, measures to control these issues were largely and consistently inefficient, partly due to the general mistrust in the… Read More

On the surface, and according to mainstream scholarship (the little that exists) on 20th century musical films in Spain, folkloricas were nothing but fascist propaganda, based on and endlessly propagating a range of cliched narratives, performances, and myths about Spanishness, femininity, honor, drama, and comedy. No beef with this reading—on the surface, they do appear… Read More

A movement forward and backward: (from history to/through the body) the body’s will to archive: the body’s capacity to activate a still un-exhausted creative fields of possibility in a past work, historical event, or ritualized performance, (what else would fall under this category?). this creative act tapping into a very concrete and very real virtuality… Read More